Why I Love ...1980s Editions Of Trivial Pursuit

Going to a car boot sale and coming away with a 1980s version of Trivial Pursuit for under three pounds is a joy. Really. Because instantly I am transported back in time to incredibly large mobile phones, Bananarama and power dressing.

But the delight doesn't end there. It's the questions themselves. Landing on blue and Mrs Pem might ask me what the capital of Yugoslavia is. No mention of the word "former" at all. It's like recent genocide never happened.

Minutes later, I'm landing on blue again only to be asked this time what colour the hammer and sickle is on the Soviet Union's flag. August, 1991 and the fall of the world's first communist superpower anyone? I should think so.

I state that it was gold and proceed to throw a one. This lands me on the pink. Get this one right and I'll have secured the pink wedge!

"Who left Sue Lawley to get up early?" Why, of course, it was Frank Bough! Back to the days where Frank was still the essence of the BBC. Rational knitwear and Werther's Originals. A few lines of Charlie still just a twinkle in his eye. Well, it would be.

I throw a six and land on the orange. Sport. Not my favourite, as a rule but let's see.

"Who was Britain's first six-figure footballer?"

Marvel that this is not in fact the monthly earnings when taking into account product endorsements but the transfer fee. I plump for Trevor Francis, but no, I've failed. It's Alan Ball. Heady days.

I feel stupid. I bet everyone knows that one. Confidence still low, just minutes later I land on the green. Cruelly, I am asked:

"What are you if your IQ is below 25?"

The fates are mocking me but bravely I suggest that the answer is "cretin."

"Idiot," says she.